“I approach my work with a desire to bring out the best in my clients, reflecting their needs and then expressing their passions, creativity and interests through image. Guiding as opposed to imposing, together the client and I discover how to bring out their individuality, in a way most beneficial to their lifestyle “                                                
                                                                                                                        - Patricia Sarnataro

Today’s instantaneous-information based world presents numerous challenges for anyone shopping for a wardrobe. By way of the internet, television, billboards, magazines, and movies we receive an endless barrage of fashion style visuals informing us “how we should look” and “what we should be,” producing an unconscious and unrelenting pressure to re-examine “who we are.”

  • How do you sift through all this visual information to create a “look” and “style” that works for your body and expresses your own unique personality? 
  • How do you see through the savvy marketing trends and know what clothing and accessories you really need to purchase. 
  • How do you effectively create a wardrobe that works for your lifestyle?

Guided by stylist Patricia Sarnataro:

  • You will discover how to easily create and manage a wardrobe with style and finesse 
  • Getting dressed for work or an evening social event with delightful fun. 
  • You will feel self-confident in knowing you posses the necessary skills “to dress to look your best.”