“... making an investment in clothing is making an investment in you life” 

Audition Wardrobe Consulting for Actors

  • creating “your look” for an audition
  • planning and building an audition wardrobe
  • personalized shopping to create your audition wardrobe
  • dressing right for auditions and getting the job

Wardrobe Consulting For Actors

  • dressing properly for readings as determined by character or period.
  • knowing what one little item to wear to enhance your look or create character.
  • consulting and advice for your headshot wardrobe.
  • what to bring when you have to supply your own wardrobe on a live industrial, commercial, film or television shoot.
  • creating a wardrobe for day player or extra work.
  • repair and maintenance so your “bring your own” wardrobe looks its best.
  • wardrobe etiquette on the job so producers and stylists want to work with you again and again and again!